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Tanks And Water Storage in Cape Town

Storage Tanks and Rainwater Storage

The primary purpose of the storage tank is to store water that is safe to use while preventing its access to children and animals. 

PDE Services and Irrigation can provide various ground and underground storage tanks for the following purposes: 

  • Water collected in storage tanks and pumped directly or by gravity feed to points of use.
  • Water collected in storage tanks pumped to an elevated cistern and fed by gravity to the points of use.

All the systems listed above have a reservoir used to store rainwater harvested from roof catchments, referred to as a rainwater storage tank.

Tanks can be used to hold large amounts of water, thus allowing longer irrigation cycles before the tanks are emptied. This is best used when the borehole or well-point yield is not sufficient to run an irrigation system effectively. Therefore, it would require an additional booster pump that will supply and boost the pressure required to run a fully effective water system.

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