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Residentual Irrigation Micro Vineyard

New Installations, Repairs and Extensions to Existing Irrigation Systems

PDE Services and Irrigation strives for service excellence at competitive prices by using advanced technology. This includes timed watering and the amount of water required for specific vegetation and applications. The materials used are of superior quality.

We can diagnose the source of any issue to carry out effective repairs when required.

We are able to install the latest irrigation controllers which are fitted with a Wifi receiver which can be connected to your laptop or cell phone which can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The controller can be reprogrammed this way.

Our options are an automated irrigation system that allows you to set the sprinklers to come on at a specific time every day. This will keep your garden in pristine condition at all times.

We also install manual irrigation systems which are controlled by hand using ball valves which our clients would need to manually open and close when irrigation watering is required.

Our competent team will provide you with systems and maintenance for efficient and fast plant growth, thus improving the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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