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A Typical Df12 Iron Out Filter And Calcite Frp Tank And 5500l Tank

Iron Removal and Filtration Systems

We offer one of the best filtration solutions for iron removal from groundwater. With minimal maintenance, the system is unique as it provides a chemical-free operation.

Borehole water can often cause unsightly staining on walls, tiles, and pool surfaces. This is due to the iron in the water. Underground water, if untreated and used for irrigation, for swimming pools, can cause bad orange staining on surfaces due to oxidation. Property owners, therefore, have to resort to repainting their walls regularly to cover up these stains. This exercise does not solve the problem and is often very expensive. Our filtration solutions will remove the iron from the water to prevent this staining, saving money long-term as there will no longer be long-term staining. The borehole pump runs these systems in most instances without the use of chemicals. We offer ongoing maintenance and servicing of these filtration systems. We provide a service contract agreement for all our systems.

Off-the-grid water solutions. We can provide further systems to utilize borehole water for washing machines, swimming pools, showers, and toilets. This would be subject to water analysis and the quality of water. We have successfully done this at various schools, residential and commercial properties.

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